Woman Crush(ing the Patriarchy) Wednesday: Yesika Salgado

Woman Crush(ing the Patriarchy) Wednesday: Yesika Salgado
Elmer Ayala

Why is this necessary?

I performed in a space in East Los Angeles once where the whole audience was made up of Latinas. This was a first for me. I looked out at the audience and knew that they could understand what I was talking about. I didn’t have to worry about translating. I didn’t have to think twice about my Spanish moving to English and then back to Spanish. They got me, and that was liberating. It felt like a homecoming. That’s why Chingona Fire is important, because it’s a place for Latinas to come home to ourselves.

How do you see your work as helping to crush the patriarchy?

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I’m telling women its OK not to compromise, to show up as they are and demand people to make spaces for them in places they never felt had space for them. Patriarchy tells you to not do that, so it’s unlearning things: unlearning apologizing for everything and unlearning feeling bad about occupying too much space.  I am showing up for me and other brown women.

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