Woman Crush(ing the Patriarchy) Wednesday: Juliana Britto Schwartz

Woman Crush(ing the Patriarchy) Wednesday: Juliana Britto Schwartz

But you’re right, we have to move beyond that framing if we want to capture and include the huge diversity that is the Latinx community today – not just because Brazilians like me aren’t native Spanish-speakers, but because lots of indigenous women aren’t, because Haitian women grow up speaking Creole, not Spanish, and because plenty of Latinas born in the U.S. speak English as their first language. We aren’t defined by the language that we speak or by the oppression that we or our ancestors experienced. I define my Latina feminist co-conspirators by our shared vision of freedom and justice and our commitment to building that work we envision. 

How do you see your work as crushing the patriarchy?

The patriarchy, like white supremacy or heteronormativity, is a system used to protect power and privilege in the hands of few. I call that dynamic out, call my loved ones and community members in to the struggle and I work hard to show those in power that marginalized communities are getting stronger and getting organized. These systems are crumbling brick by brick, and I want to be there to document each piece. 

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Interested in Juliana’s work? Check out her writing on everything from abortion care for migrant girls to the ways fracking hurts marginalized communities over at Feministing. If you still want more from this brasileña, follow her on Twitter.