Woman Crush(ing the Patriarchy) Wednesday: Gloria Lucas

Woman Crush(ing the Patriarchy) Wednesday: Gloria Lucas
Nalgona Positivity Pride

You have a really awesome Etsy shop that covers these issues with DIY items. What role do you think your shirts, stickers and pins play in this fight?

Our items allow folks to celebrate themselves. On our Instagram, we receive pictures of folks wearing our "Indigenous Women Resisting Colonialism and Patriarchy Since 1492" (our top seller) with pride. Our histories and strength often go without recognition, and I hope that our merchandise is able to instill self-love. But also, I am able to reclaim my culture through our items. For instance, at our Etsy store, we ask that our indigenous shirt be worn only by people who have a connection/linkage to indigeneity and folks of color. Our culture is sabotaged by capitalism, and our sacred culture is being used as a fashion trend. Through my Etsy store, I am able to set the rules – for once.

How do you see your work with NPP as helping to crush the patriarchy, and these other oppressive systems?

Colonialism is a system that stems from patriarchy, and NPP is committed to raising awareness on the harms of colonialism. One of NPP’s goals is to decolonize the way we look at our bodies and treat our bodies. We deserve healing and happiness, which is the opposite of what patriarchy causes in us. 

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