Woman Crush(ing the Patriarchy) Wednesday: Arianna Lint

Woman Crush(ing the Patriarchy) Wednesday: Arianna Lint

Trained in law, this week’s #WCW Arianna Lint traded a career centered on statutes and decrees for one in transgender health and justice.

The Florida-based peruana is the founder and CEO of Ariann@ Center FL (TransLatina Florida), where she educates, mentors and advocates for trans mujeres in her community. For almost a decade, Lint has specifically worked in trans health care, fighting for insurance coverage and access to services for trans people, educating medical professionals and trans individuals on major health concerns like HIV/AIDS and depression, as well as speaking and organizing nationally on various trans health and immigrants' rights issues.

Here’s how the 43-year-old Latina’s advocacy is helping to crush the xenophobic and transphobic patriarchy.

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You wear a lot of hats: You’re the founder and CEO of Ariann@ Center FL (TransLatina Florida), board member at the Broward County HIV Health Services Planning Council and blogger at "Chicas como Yo," among so much more. What would you say lies at the core of all your work?

I want to make changes in my community. That’s why I studied law in Peru and it’s why I’m doing my current work. It’s a lot; I have to stretch my 24 hours a day as much as possible to get everything in. But transgender people deal with a lot. When you see one population needing a lot of services and nobody touching on them, I want to cover them. Sometimes I think I’m trying to do something impossible, but when I do the job I realize it’s not impossible. I want to make good changes.

I want to talk about medical care and health for a moment, as I know you worked in HIV services and AIDS prevention at the Orange County Health Department for seven years and continue to touch on these issues in your current position. What would you say are some of the biggest health concerns currently facing the trans Latina community?

It’s important to have mental health care in our community, but not many health providers are educated in working with trans people, and some insurance providers don’t even cover it. Personally, my private insurance doesn’t cover mental health, which is very important and necessary to my well being, especially with my HIV status. People living with HIV have high rates of depression and stress, making it very important to have access to mental health care. Therapy is expensive without insurance, and some providers don’t want to approve requests for hormone therapy.

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