WATCH: Racist Cuban Teen Forced To Leave School And Apologize For Hateful YouTube Video

Two racist teens, including a half-Cuban student, are suffering the backlash of producing a xenophobic video about African Americans. The girls have been asked to leave Gainesville High School in Florida and apologize to their community and fellow peers. In the video that lasts about 15 minutes, the girls make hurtful comments like, "You can understand what we are saying, our accents, we use actual words. Black people do not."

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The high school students have released apology statements after receiving death threats and having eight police officers come to the school to maintain their safety last week. According to The Huffington Post, one of the girls and her family released the following statement to their local newspaper, "I am one of the girls who were in the racist video that got posted. I’m writing this so that I can tell people how truly sorry I am. I could never, in a million years, have pictured this happening with me involved. I wasn’t raised to hate people for their race, and I still don’t. I made a horrible decision in being a part of this video.”

Watch the shocking video at your own discretion and let us know what you think.