WATCH: McDonald’s Employee Asks Latina Customer to Spell Deportation


A video of a McDonald’s employee asking a customer of Mexican background to ‘spell deportation’ and say the name of president ‘Donald Trump’ has gone viral. The video that has now collected more than half a million views on Facebook and over six thousand shares show an argument between a drive-thru customer and a McDonald’s employee.

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Wendy Rios got in the drive-thru line at a McDonald's in Charlotte, North Carolina, with the intention to just get a No. 9 and a Happy Meal for her two daughters. However, her visit left her far from happy when the employee, who is seen in the video proceeds to make an obscene hand gesture, followed by Donald Trump remarks and asking Rios to spell ‘deportation’.

"I kept saying, 'do it again, do it again' because I wanted to have proof what she'd done to me," Rios told WFAA. She said the argument began when she asked the employee if her order was ready. The employee, identified as a manager, is seen in the video saying, "Can you spell deportation?" before then shutting the window on Rios and asking her to leave. McDonald's owner and operator George Forrest released the following statement following the incident:

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"The actions of this employee are inexcusable and in no way reflect the strong values McDonald's and my organization place on diversity, inclusion and providing a welcoming experience for our customers. This individual is no longer employed at my restaurant, and we have expressed our sincerest apologies to the customer for this situation." Rios said she received a phone call from an employee from that McDonald's after seeing the video, apologizing, but Rios told Xavier Walton of that the apology was not enough. The employee is said to have been terminated. See the video below: