Which of Your Favorite Stars Support Voto Latino?

Started in 2004, Voto Latino is an organization that is dedicated to getting young Latinos to vote. Get more information at votolatino.org and click to see which of your favorite stars are involved!

1. Voto Latino Stars: Rosario Dawson

Rosario Dawson

Chair on the board and co-founder of the organization, Rosario Dawson is dedicated to getting young Latinos informed and ready to vote.  She’s participated in White House discussions, with topics ranging from Latino health and culture to civic participation. Her celebrity status has helped other notable names get involved.

2. Voto Latino Stars: America Ferrera

America Ferrera

Talk about wordplay: America has launched the campaign “America4America” in connection with Voto Latino, where she will be creating videos to engage and educate young Latinos on political issues, like education and immigration. In the video, America emphasizes, “this year we have a chance to vote for our future.” Watch it now.

3. Voto Latino Stars: Pitbull


Pitbull has come out to support the Voto Latino mission, and has donated his songs to a compilation that brought the Voto Latino message to listeners. (Music to our ears!)

4. Voto Latino Stars: Romeo Santos

Romeo Santos

Santos is encouraging Latino youths to hit the polls this fall, and is not only talking the talk, but walking the walk: he partnered with Voto Latino for voter registration on his “Formula Vol. 1” Tour. He stated on CNN “I can encourage my young fans, the majority of my young fans and Latinos, to vote.” Very cool!


5. Voto Latino Stars: Wilmer Valderrama

Wilmer Valderrama

Valderrama lends his voice to the cause, drawing support to events, including the Voto Latino Power Summit. The summit, a two-day event, was held in April where panels presented and tried to empower the young Latino voters. Valderrama stated at the conference, “We come to this country to work and to earn every dollar. We don’t ask anybody of anything. We take jobs that a lot of people often assume don’t exist. I learned to understand that my community, and directly my family, my father, my mother and my sisters needed some kind of a voice. As I developed my platform in the entertainment industry, I understood the opportunity I had to raise awareness and bring attention to not only local, but national issues.”

6. Voto Latino Stars: Jessica Alba

Jessica Alba

Appearing in a PSA for young Latinos to get out and vote in 2010, Alba continues to support the organization. 

7. Voto Latino Stars: Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez is a supporter of the organization, attending many events, including a voter registration, celeb-studded party.