This Short Video Explores the History of Afro-Mexicans


#Afromexicanos Herencia de la comunidad afromexicana

Alrededor de 450 mil mexicanos pertenecen a la comunidad afromexicana y esta forma parte de nuestra tradición y cultura. Desde hace 20 años, los Blaxicans toman fuerza para hacerse oir. ¿Qué piensan de la lucha afromexicana?

Posted by Plumas Atómicas on Wednesday, February 17, 2016


Mexico might not have a national Black History Month, but a short video released in February, the month when the U.S. and Canada celebrate the annual observance, explores the country’s hidden Black historia.

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“In Mexico, the history of these communities have always been ignored,” reads text in the video by Plumas Atómicas. “To begin with, there are no reliable statistics on [Afro-Mexicans].”

It’s true. Oftentimes, Afro-Mexicans are counted in governmental data as indigenous. This is even true for non-Mexican Black people living in the country. In 2010, Wilner Metelus, a Haitian man and recent Mexican citizen, told CNN in 2010 that he, too, is considered indigenous.

For more than 15 years, African-descended mexicanos have been fighting for formal recognition in the country’s constitution.

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This video, running just over one minute, offers a glimpse into the history of Black Mexicans that is widely erased. Be sure to watch it above!