VIDEO: Do You Think El Smosh Is Offensive?

Blame it on the never-ending "Sh*t People Say" video series that hit the web with full force a couple of months ago. "El Smosh" is the latest video parody featuring two young Caucasian guys, Ian and Anthony (of popular YouTube Smosh fame), dubbing comedy skits like "I Lost My Hair!" in Spanish. 

The only problem is, is the joke on us? The funny guys claim that they just want to spread their jokes with Spanish speakers, but also suggesting that the dubbed voices are "stupid" and "silly" makes us question whether we are the target audience or the target stereotype for their enjoyment. The video creates a spectacle of identity and ethnicity no different from the Carmen Miranda days.

With nearly 3 million hits on YouTube, "El Smosh" is quickly becoming the next parody video to go viral on the web. Some may consider the video hilarious, but others find the context racist and offensive. The door is wide open for interpretation so watch the clip below and let us know what you think.