12 Of The Most Unusual Spanish Nicknames

Spanish Nicknames Meanings

Latinos love unusual Spanish nicknames, no doubt about it. Many of us had more than one — and more often than not they had absolutely nothing in common with our given names. We called each other flaca, feo, gordita, moco, guapo and more.

Of course, sometimes we did call our friends and family by their real names — or by the nicknames associated with their given name. These were usually pretty strange, too. It's a well-known fact that the nicknames for Spanish names generally make no freakin' sense

Below, take a peek at 12 of the strangest Spanish nicknames — and learn what they stand for: 

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1. Chava

Chava definitely sounds a little feminine, but it actually stands for Salvador, a male name that means Saviour in Spanish. 

2. Chavela

And no, we don't aren't talking about the spicy Mexican beer cocktail. Chavela and Chabela both stand for Isabel

3. Chuy

Why does Jesus shorten to Chuy? Porque es. Truly, it doesn't make any sense, and no one can say for certain how that nickname came into existence. If you have a theory, please enlighten us in the comments. 

4. Kike

Kike stands for Enrique, the Spanish version of Henry. The nickname makes sense when you consider the final syllable of the name: que. 

5. Lalo

Despite the doubule "Ls", Lalo comes from a name with absolutely none. It stands for Eduardo, the Spanish version of Edward. 

6. Licha

If you say Alicia five times fast, it begins to sound a lot like its nickname, Licha. 

7. Lucero

Lucero literally means "bright star," and it works as a standalone name (I mean, who hasn't heard of the Lucero?) However, it can also work as a nickname for Maria de la Luz

8. Lulú

We know you're probably confused because "Lalo" stands for "Eduardo", but Lulú actually bears more in common with the name its derived from: Lourdes

9. Memo

You've probably met a Memo at least once in your life, and wondered whether or not that was a real name. It is, and it's a nickname for Guillermo, the Spanish version of William. 

10. Nacho

Nacho is a nickname for Ignacio, the Spanish form of Ignatius. Also, a delicious appetizer

11. Paco

Paco — along with Pancho and Kiko — stands for Francisco. Some believe Paco has its origins with Saint Francis of Assisi, the Pater Communitatis, or Father of his community, the Franciscan order. 

12. Pepe

Believe it or not, Pepe stands for José. There are many theories about how a name that begins with a J earned a nickname with two Ps, and one suggests the Spanish nickname comes from the Italian 'Beppe', a nickname for Giuseppe.

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