Time Magazine Says: Latinos Will Pick the Next President

Two powerful words adorn the latest Time Magazine cover related to Election 2012 - “Yo Decido” (“I Decide”). The cover story’s symbolic headline, accompanied by a montage of Latino headshots, reveals the importance of the Latino vote. The piece written by Michael Scherer especially zooms in on Arizona’s primary elections taking place Feb. 28th, and suggests that Latinos are the main influential force behind determining who will be our next president.

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This year, Latinos will account for nearly 9% of voters in the U.S. The number may appear small, but according to the National Association of Latino Elected and Appointed Officials it’s an increase of almost 26% from the previous year. Reports also suggest that the number will only continue to multiple since every month at least 50,000 U.S. Latinos turn 18 and are legally allowed to vote.

Election 2012: The Latino Vote

The Time piece explores how the Republican state, which has been the center of the immigration debate, will force politicians to shift their rhetoric about immigration in this country. In addition, the Huffington Post reports that Mitt Romney has possessed a solid lead in Arizona. Romney is known for supporting the deportation of illegal immigrants and disagrees with granting amnesty to illegal aliens. Don’t expect President Obama to remain in the dust. According to the article, the Obama campaign is pushing hard for the Latino electorate, “If we do our grassroots stuff right on the ground in all these Western states, which we will, because it’s something we are good at,” Obama campaign manager Jim Messina says, “we could seriously change the outcome.”

Will you be hitting the polls this year?