10 Things You Shouldn't Say to a Latina Feminist

10 Things You Shouldn't Say to a Latina Feminist

From The Bad Dominicana sparking critical conversations on race, gender and class on Twitter and Latina Rebels making us snap and double tap to their chonga feminism on Instagram to conferences like the Roundtable of Latina Feminism and our very own Woman Crush(ing the Patriarchy) Wednesday, it’s clear that the mujerista movement is alive and well.

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But not everyone is as acquainted with our Latina feminism, and oftentimes those who aren’t spew some messed-up, inaccurate or just annoying ishh.

Ahead, some remarks many of us Latina feministas have heard too many times and would like to never come across again:

1. "I get so happy when I see Latinas embracing feminism." "Embracing?" While the term "feminism" was first used in Europe, the practice and ideas tied to the word had long existed among the tribes of our Indigenous and African foremothers. And, contrary to what films like "Iron Jawed Angels" depict, U.S. Latinas have long been a part of the feminist movement here, too. I’m not "embracing" feminism; I am a part of feminism.

2. "Los hombres Latinos sufren discriminación también." And my feminism includes you. But the same systems that oppress you oppress me, too. Where you at?

3. "You being so angry all the time only feeds into the 'feisty Latina' stereotype, so you’re actually hurting us, not moving us forward." Riiiiight.  

4. "Aren’t you a feminista? Why are you listening/watching/reading this?" Because I can enjoy it and think critically about it. It's called media literacy.

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