Tesla Restores Power for Children's Hospital in Puerto Rico


It's been weeks since Puerto Rico had been hit with a powerful hurricane and 75% of the island remains without power. However, amid Puerto Rico's hurricane crisis there has been some light shed on all its darkness. Elon Musk, founder of company Tesla Energy had promised to help Puerto Rico rebuild its Solar energy grid, and he's made good on his promise.

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In a matter of a month, Tesla has brought 700 solar panels to a Children's Hospital in San Juan, Puerto Rico, where there are about 3,000 young patients and 35 chronically ill permanent patients who require around the clock care. Musk and Puerto Rican Governor, Ricardo Rossello, were in discussion about “exploring opportunities” for a Puerto Rico energy project back in the beginning of October. On October 24th in an Instagram post by CEO Elon Musk, he said, “Hospital del Niño (Children’s Hospital) is the first of many solar+battery Tesla projects going live in Puerto Rico. Glad to help support the recovery. Congrats to the Tesla team for working 24/7 to make this happen as fast as possible.”

This humanitarian donation from Tesla could imply future solar energy projects throughout the rest of Puerto Rico. Rosello has reiterated the importance of having a “Puerto Rico that is less dependent on a single network and we have seen why.” Other companies such as Alphabet, the parent company of Google, have helped return Internet service to remote areas where cell phone towers were knocked down. Meanwhile, the contract with White Fish energy brought up by the Trump administration has been canceled due to the controversy surrounding the agreement. The $300 million contract from Whitefish raised eyebrows when it was found that the small Montana firm only had two employees when the storm hit and had never dealt with an extensive contract before such as the one with Puerto Rico that requires thousands of employees. 

The cost of restoring power to Puerto Rico is estimated to be about $5 billion in the next several months.

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