Tatianna Tarot Shares What Magic is in Store for You in May

The month of May holds the numerological vibration of the number five. This number is extremely independent in mind and soul, which falls into the personalities of air signs. See what magic May has in store for you.

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Taurus II Strength + Knight of Swords + 3 of Cups

This is a time to cultivate the power of patience, persistence and self-control. Rather than reacting in the typical fashion that you always do, the Strength encourages you to tame yourself because you can get rewarded much easily that way. Know your balance and exercise grace and self-understanding. Emotionally, you may still be rocking back and forth, dealing with karmic relationships and situations that you’ve created in the past that now have their effect. The Knight of Swords delivers a sense of urgency and importance to your footsteps; there is something you must accomplish and get done at the fastest rate possible. The focus will be on doing the most that you can with the time that you have, not procrastinating or piling on more than you can handle. Be on the lookout for important messages, symbols and details that will capture your attention, signifying what’s to come. If approached successfully, May can prove to be an excellent month for you. The 3 of Cups is victory, success and much celebration with loved one and new friends. It is a time to share great innovative ideas and expand on the old. This card can point toward a beautiful June and a project that was accomplished. 

Gemini II The Tower + Queen of Swords + Ace of Rods

The Tower presents an exciting plot twist into your life that can be confusing if you involve yourself directly in it instead of viewing objectively what is truly going on from a spiritual standpoint. You are presented with many new beginnings to strengthen your foundation and base in various aspects of your life. Strive to see the benefits and seek to find the pleasure within these seemingly “downfall” of a scenario. You have the ability to precisely plan out and dictate where you would like to go and how you would like to lead your life. The Queen of Swords is deliberate, intentional, focused and a phenomenal communicator, that which you intend will manifest into your life. Creating a strategy for the next months will help prepare you for what the Ace of Rods will bring into your life. The Ace of Rods is acceleration, leadership and strength in will power. It is certainly the right time to take action on those ideas that have been marinating in your head. The Ace of Rods requires that you step into the fire and lead with passion. Go for it and commit to your success all the way. By sitting aside and waiting for the opportunistic moment to arise, others will take what you’ve always wanted to attain yourself. Do not allow the Tower to crumble fully when you can make the best out of this circumstance and recreate an ideal life for yourself at this moment.

Cancer II King of Cups + Ace of Swords + Knights of Pentacles

The King of Cups is a mastermind of emotion. Instead of allowing this force to overcome him and dictate his life, he knows how to manipulate and understand the root of his feelings. This is a skill to be taken advantage of this month, as you have the ability to channel a profound amount of powerful emotion into your work or personal life. The vulnerability is your strength in May, and you will need to wear it on your sleeve to make the appropriate choices that change the course of your personal path. The King of Cups knows how to nourish himself without the validations of others and can transform lower vibrations into purposeful expression. This is an excellent combination with the Ace of Swords because, although the emotional front is balanced internally, you are extremely calculated and logical in your approach toward others and your personal angle in life. The Knight of Pentacles is adventurous and passionate in the pursuit of money. With his determination, you can create something profitable out any idea that you channel, especially with the assistance of the King of Cups. You may very well be presented with a new opportunity to begin a creative job or project with another individual that admires what you have to offer to the table. Ultimately, the Ace of Swords suggests that it is up to you to take this opportunity, but something disguised as a small opening can be very life-changing indeed. The Knight of Pentacles can encourage you to implement new streams of income so that you expand your influence.

Leo II 6 of Pentacles + Strength + 9 of Cups

The 6 of Pentacles makes the promise of seeing abundance once you decide to help others in the same way. This is all about reciprocity; what you put out is what you get back. It is important to focus on the intention on what it is you are emitting out to the universe and your local tribe. Seek to see the best around you, and the best will be presented to you, not to mention that you will be operating at your best and that's what others will see in you, too. The Strength card shows lots of maturities, putting aside petty matters and controlling your inner lioness for the betterment of your future and those around you. Not everything merits an automatic reaction. May will teach you a valuable lesson in controlling your impulses and making better choices for yourself, which ultimately leads you to feel much more liberated and at peace with what is. The 9 of Cups shows emotional maturity and sense of conquering your “demons.” It is the “genie in a bottle” card that illustrates on a vibrational scale that you have the ability to achieve all that you desire now. Because you have made peace with much inner turmoil in the past, you have freed yourself up from obstacles you would have encountered through your inner resistance. Take it as it comes, because one is never quite certain what is in store for us. This card symbolizes the ability to “go with the flow” and to find our personal benefit in the beauty of what lies in the present moment.

Virgo II The Hanged Man + 7 of Pentacles + King of Cups

Sometimes it is best to take our time in making a decision of a lifetime, but it is as equally important to note whether this is deliberate procrastination or if we are playing dumb. You are certainly far from the ladder. However, the Hanged Man always reveals that we know more about a matter, stalling on what we are aware we can do. Not a single person is perfect, nor do they know what they are ultimately doing with their life, so you might as well roam free to explore yours and create in wanderlust. Do not wait on what could be done now, yet the contradiction is, do not rush on what can be done this year. It is because the 7 of Pentacles wants you to double-check your growth and investments. Review your progress this month so that you don’t have to make the same mistakes or can adjust accordingly for the next six months that are approaching. If you feel you are “waiting” for something, it is because you are missing the bigger picture and perhaps some additional details around you that crave your attention. The King of Cups will capture your heart with romance, great music, unique social experiences or a love/lust for something newly discovered. It is a good time to cleanse yourself of old emotions and baggage by becoming a full-time artist, as we all naturally are. The key is to do so with intention. In utilizing the King of Cups in your life, you engage in choosing your clothing in a way that articulates your spirit, communicating in a way that truly resonates with your heart, and designing your life in accordance with your truth and nothing that falls short of that. Explore this freedom and see what creations come from it.

Libra II 9 of Wands + 8 of Wands + 3 of Pentacles

The 9 of Wands may have your instincts heightened, as you could be prone to react in a way that is not of your nature. The first reaction may be defence, but there is so much abundance around you, you should be cautious not to burn any bridges that are as a result of passion at the moment. The 8 of Wands speaks of multiple unexpected yet purposeful opportunities that brush along you like a strong current. It is a month of strength, stability and centeredness, as you will need all of these components to be able to grab these opportunities and make the success out of them. The 3 of Pentacles shows it is a great month to collaborate with others regarding long-term plans, but this may need some restructuring to accommodate and responsibly handle the workload that is heading your way. You want to ensure that you have the right mindset, attitude and discipline to do what you must. Chances are if something does not feel right, it is not; therefore, do not wait for another person to handle the business that you can easily do yourself. Quality and success will appear when all work is in harmony. Do not be afraid of voicing your particular needs or breaking a tradition to ensure that victory will be met.

Scorpio II 10 of Pentacles + The Sun + The Hierophant

The 10 of Pentacles reveals the result of your hard work and efforts. You can see the fruits of your labor building up, and you gain much excitement regarding your future. There are big plans for your future that are implemented this month, and much financial prosperity that surrounds you. The Sun denotes a rebirth and new approach to life. Things don’t seem as dangerous anymore, and you find it much easier to play with the elements given to you instead of resisting what is. A profound healing with your inner child is to be made this month, perhaps the realization of something that has been haunting you or holding you back in recent years is finally addressed with loved ones or you feeling deeply connected to your ancestry and roots, which bring you a sense of belonging and centeredness that you’ve never acknowledged before. You are in tune and connected with the individual you want to be and grow into; this is what it feels like to be connected to your wiser/higher self. Finally, the truth within you has no choice but to echo out into the world, and it feels great. The Hierophant signifies exciting times for you. You feel liberated to do what you will and explore the myriad of options you have presenting itself to you. This will bring various spiritual revelations and connections regarding the people in your life and the direction you are taking. Pay close attention to the information that you channel on a daily basis. It is subtle, but in the soft whispers of the universe come profound life to change knowledge.

Sagittarius II 3 of Swords + Page of Wands + 8 of Cups

May is the month of rejuvenation and extreme self-care. The prior months may have left you mentally torn, confused and, as a result, your body was affected and so was your soul. What will it take to get back to wholeness? This is your theme with the 3 of Swords. You may be giving too much of yourself and not filling your cup emotionally. It may not be easy but prioritising your well-being will affect the rest of your life in the most dynamic way. It is an effect that is projected outward into the lives of others because you are so powerful. The Page of Wands tells us of restlessness, the need to explore your life in depth, to do more, be more and experience more. This can foretell a move in your near future or a new direction that is unexpected but strongly felt within your heart. It’s a phenomenal time to be a risk-taker and to create the life you’ve always dreamt of. The 8 of Cups does hint at a departure, you have found your “old self” again, and there is no reason to compromise to an old way of living. Take a leap of faith and follow the change that has been calling you this whole time.

Capricorn II Knight of Wands + The High Priestess + 7 of Pentacles

May provides the call to action that you’ve been waiting for. Instead of sleeping on yourself, you feel much power and ambition stirring in. The Knight of Wands is this energy that keeps going and going. It is the internal combustion that enables you to make those hard decisions and move past any roadblocks that you’ve set for yourself in the past. With the security of the High Priestess, you already know that your guidance is certain. You feel confident in what your intuition provides and know that regardless of what direction you choose to venture into, you can confidently steer yourself and listen to your wisdom. It is most important that you abide by your magic this month. You will feel motivated to take immediate action on all your intuitive impulses. Do not second guess yourself now. Everything that is streaming in is for you to take the initiative on while you still can. The Knight of Wands with the High Priestess marries action with deep intuition. Should you choose to move forward on the information that is coming to you, then you will be well-rewarded. The 7 of Pentacles refers to the waiting game that you typically like to engage in. It is all coming, trust and believe. Instead of waiting, find something productive to do with this extra time, knowing that everything will come to fruition. You are very much in control of your momentum this month, and there is nothing that can hold you back unless you allow it to.

Aquarius II 6 of Wands + 3 of Pentacles + 9 of Cups

You have come to claim what is rightfully yours this month. The 6 of Wands is significant of a new turning page in your life, where you need no permission to go after what you want. This means that you are not one to make excuses for yourself or to back down. If there is a will, then there is a way. Don’t worry about the details or knowing the exact steps to get there. The 3 of Pentacles suggests that you have much work ahead of you regarding working with others. You may be involved in international travel or spreading your influence with the help of other individuals. Either way, this may be a project that you’ve been long-involved in and are in the process of manifesting more so this month than in any other. In many ways, you are a leader, and there is no point in wasting time or losing motivation on your dreams. If others fail to gain momentum beside you, it is your responsibility to show them their value and help them assist you along the way. Ultimately, the fulfilment of your goals is also the fulfilment of theirs as well. The 9 of Cups means you can begin to feel your efforts paying off, but this doesn’t mean that you should feel complacent with the level that you are on. Seek constructive criticism from those close to you and don’t hesitate to reciprocate the favor. You are making great moves this month, and you are emotionally satisfied with your life more than ever, but this doesn’t mean that it can’t get better than this. Seek ways to make it so.

Pisces II 9 of Cups + Queen of Cups + King of Cups

You have the Midas touch this month, regarding manifesting your most immediate dreams and goals. The 9 of Cups is satisfaction attained within the soul and a greater respect for what you represent on a spiritual note. Your focus this month is more on the emotional and the intangible, how to communicate the beauty of what lies within and how to create fearlessly and effortlessly with reckless abandon. You feel no shame or guilt over the person you’ve become or your past experiences. It has all cultivated you into a compassionate and dynamically creative individual. The Queen of Cups has you feeling wealthy, capable of handling your emotions responsibly with balance and finesse but can also have you feeling quite romantic. It may be an excellent month to connect deeply with a love interest or to meet someone unexpectedly that fills all your spiritual and emotional requirements. The King and Queen of Cups work in harmony to meet all of their personal needs while still supporting another in their personal journeys. Their agenda is to grow and create in a union without compromising their own independent and artistic views. The speed of manifestation is rapid, and there is microscopic time between you directly thinking an intention and seeing that come to fruition.

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Aries II 7 of Pentacles + The Star + Knight of Wands

The 7 of Pentacles is your efforts spent in preparation and periodically checking up on your progress. Your beliefs have gotten you this far, and even though you may feel as if you’re nowhere, it is far from the truth. It’s time to reassess your work and see how you can improve upon it or seek to further eliminate distractions so you can grow at a more rapid speed. The Star can very well mean that you land a phenomenal opportunity that you’ve been waiting for this month. This is a result of your dedication and commitment to your craft and personal habits. Embrace your growth because you will only pick up the pace further than how you’re travelling now. You may be on the move toward a high adventure or a new beginning that you’ve always envisioned for yourself. The Knight of Wands, in conjunction with the Star, places you directly in the lap of success and victory. What you’ve been envisioning is very much real, and if you’re yet to see how this can transpire, don’t give up yet. Stay humble while you’re still on such an exciting momentum, and continue to believe in yourself 100 percent. Just the Knight of Wands’ presence alone speaks volumes of your perseverance this month. You have endured a lot, but allow this to be the rock that you stand on that motivates you to continue forward with further determination and gusto