17 Tattoos That Will Make #TacoTuesday Everyday

From Mexico to the United States, tacos have become one of America's most popular go-to style statements, meal, and now skin jewelry. Forget Taco Tuesday, get one of these cool taco tattoos to celebrate your favorite dish every day.

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1. This badass Tupac creation!


2. A little of everything, please!


3. Because even aliens can't resist the delicious taste of tacos!


4. Don't we all dream about swimming in a pool of tacos?!


5. Looks like the unicorn craze is taking over tacos.


6. Looks like tacos have been around since the prehistoric ages!


7. Because no taco is complete without some sour cream.


8. We love tacos. Lets taco bout it!


9. When she says 'yes' and you celebrate with some tacos.


10. Say hello to Hello Kitty Taco.


11. This small taco tattoo you can hide from your abuela.


12. Pay homage to your favorite dish with this colorful tattoo.


13. Because your love for your papa and tacos go hand in hand.


14. Forget friendship rings! Taco tattoos is where it's at!


15. Who needs a purse when you can carry a taco.


16. This black-and-white masterpiece.


17. Name a more iconic duo.