What You Need To Know Before the Supreme Court Rules On Affirmative Action

Why is affirmative action once again being ruled on? You can thank a girl named Abigail Fisher for it. Fisher made allegations against the University of Texas at Austin stating she was denied admissions because she was white, and that the school's affirmative action policies resulted in the acceptance of African-American and Hispanic students with lesser credentials. But race had nothing to do with Fisher's rejection, as one university official pointed out.

How do Americans really feel about affirmative action? According to HuffPost Politics, many white, non-Hispanics feel this is reverse discrimination and support for affirmative action is much lower than it once was.

Is affirmative action really reverse discrimination? An article in TIME magazine stated that affirmative action actually benefitted white women more than anyone else. While people of color have been helped by affirmative action, one study showed that in 1995 six million women -- the majority which were white -- had jobs they wouldn't otherwise have held if not for affirmative action.

Do we still need affirmative action? Maybe there is no answer to this yet. Maybe if we no longer have it, then people will prove we don't need it. Or maybe we will always need it as long as discrimination and racism exists. We don't quite know the answer.

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