Study Claims Latinos Are Most Affected By Ethnic Stereotypes

We all know ethnic stereotypes carry be quite negative, but a new study claims that the stereotypical Latino roles of maids, sexy vixens, and criminals we see in Hollywood may play a huge role in how the mass population views Latinos.

According to new research conducted by the University of Cincinnati, Latinos are the most affected by false and exaggerated public perception by the mass population. The study analyzes how stereotypes affected U.S. immigrants from the Middle East, Europe, Asia, Latin America and the Caribbean.

Over two thousand residents from Ohio were surveyed and had to rate Latinos on five levels: wealth, intelligence, dependence, conformity, and violence. According to the Huffington Post, Latinos were rated poorly on all of the subjects. In addition, the respondents associated Latinos with unemployment, high levels of crime, and lower quality of education.

The study goes on to suggest that these findings explain why some of the general population view immigration policy so negatively. "Anyone who follows the public discourse on the current politics of immigration cannot escape noticing the number of times people preface their opinions –- both for and against many different versions of immigration reform –- with the claim to feel positively about immigration in principle, or with a bow to our ‘nation of immigrants’ history,” the researchers explain in a statement.

What are your thoughts on the results?