Students Stage A Walkout After Teacher Insults Them For Speaking Spanish During Class



In the midst of today's political and cultural turmoil, it isn't surprising to hear many are speaking up about their opinions and beliefs. However, it's a different story when it is someone who teaches at a high school mostly comprised of Spanish-speaking students. 

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A female teacher at New Jersey's Cliffside Park High School voiced her insulting opinion on her students speaking Spanish in her classroom. Her offensive words were captured on Snapchat, where she was seen blatantly calling-out a few students for their behavior. The teacher can be heard saying "Men and women are fighting. They are not fighting for your right to speak Spanish; they are fighting for your right to speak American." Following her outburst, many students' reactions were heard, and a handful picked up their bags and left the room.

According to Vivala,  a few classmates were whispering in Spanish, and the New Jersey teacher had scolded them a few times before the recorded incident. Jasmeen Velasco, a student in the classroom, mentioned: "She had no right to say that, especially in a classroom full of Hispanic kids." While it is obvious that the teacher addressed her students in the wrong manner, a few people had come to her support, calling her a "wonderful teacher" and a "great person."

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Children, especially students, are the future, and they should have the right to feel comfortable to express themselves in their classroom. Whether speaking a different language or not, American students are comprised of many different cultures that should not be muffled by their educators.