Two Strangers Saved Mexican Woman From Ex-Lover's Car Abduction

The footage above displays two locals helping a woman after her ex-boyfriend tried to kidnap her in his vehicle. 

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According to the DailyMail, authorities have identified one of the males in the video as the female's ex-lover, Francisco Javier Laurencio. 

It all began inside a bar in the city of Queretaro, where Laurencio had already assaulted the lady in red by smashing a glass bottle over her head before hitting her, witnesses said. Laurencio took the victim outside with another man and tried to push her into the trunk of his car.

She is seen being dragged, pulled, and crying out for someone to rescue her. 

Party-goers and locals could see her resisting the two men and begging for help. Thankfully, two people walked behind the two criminals and pulled the woman out of the trunk. 

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According to the film, the Laurencio and the other male were looking around to make sure they weren't seen but realized they attracted a lot of attention. In hopes to still make it out with her, they jump in the car but two strangers were able to pull the woman out just in time.

The female suffered multiple bruises, cuts, and scratches on her face, arms, and legs from the incident. Reports say the woman has not pressed charges nor has there been an official response from local Mexican authorities.