15 Spanish Words That Don't Exist in English

How many times have you tried to explain something to a pal in English and realized that word you use with your familia in español doesn’t really translate to anything your inglés -speaking amiga will understand? Oh, every other day. We feel you.

Some Spanish words just don’t have an English translation, and while that can get hella annoying when you’re trying (and failing) to express yourself in the classroom or at the office, there is something pretty remarkable about it, too, right?

Here are just 15 Spanish palabras the English vocabulary lacks.

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1. Amigovio

Amigovio: a friend with benefits

2. Antier

Antier: the day before yesterday

3. Chapuza

Chapuza: when somebody does a lousy, botched job

4. Desvelado

Desvelado: when you’re unable to sleep

5. Enmadrarse

Enmadrarse: a child who is very attached to their mother

6. Entrecejo

Entrecejo: the space between one’s eyebrows

7. Estrenar

Estrenar: to use or wear something for the first time

8. Friolento/Friolero

Friolento/Friolero: someone who is sensitive to the cold, whether cool drinks and food or nippy weather

9. Merendar

Merendar: to have an afternoon snack

10. Mimoso

Mimoso: someone who takes pleasure in being fussed over

11. Pavonearse

Pavonearse: to strut or walk confidently and arrogantly in an aggressive way

12. Recogerse

Recogerse: to head in for the night

13. Sobremesa

Sobremesa: dinner table conversations that transpire after a meal is finished

14. Soler

Soler: to do something out of habit (why is it that you pour your cereal in the bowl before the milk?)

15. Tocayo

Tocayo: someone with the same name as another person