5 Powerful Messages from Soledad O'Brien's #IAmLatinoInAmerica

Contradictory. That's just one word used to describe the current U.S. political climate. On one hand, Donald Trump continues to spew venom while Hillary Clinton's #LikeYourAbuela campaign made a mockery of the actual Latino experience on the other. Yet, in retrospect, Tony nominee Lin-Manuel Miranda continues to blow us away. As an artist and an activisthe is an impactful depiction of what it means to be Latino in this country.

Award-winning journalist Soledad O’Brien acknowledges the incongruities of our times. We caught up with the modern-day Wonder Woman during the NYC stop of her #IAmLatinoInAmerica tour. Let five of her powerful messages inspire your life!

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1. 5 Powerful Messages from Soledad O'Brien

“Every time there’s a media conversation about Latinos, there’s always immigration, and they kind of, like will literally bring people in — Jose, Maria, Luis — and they invite them in and then there’s like ‘And that’s what we’re talking about. Ok, thank you.’ And then they’re invited off because there’s this idea you don’t really see Latinos in these conversations that are not about immigration."

2. 5 Powerful Messages from Soledad O'Brien

“We often talk about numbers, right? Like ‘the fastest growing population,’ but at the end of the day, if those numbers don’t translate into something, if they don’t translate into board-membership, CEO, entrepreneurs, jobs, political positions, opportunity — then I don’t think it’s really valuable to talk about numbers.”

3. 5 Powerful Messages from Soledad O'Brien

“I think it would be so great if you had two parties who really were fighting over the votes of Latinos because I think what would happen is everybody would realize we need to serve the needs of people of this population. We can’t just give lip-service. We actually have to serve them.”

4. 5 Powerful Messages from Soledad O'Brien

"I look at the demographic of television news when I entered the business in 1987. It’s basically the same exact discussions — ‘How do we improve the diversity?’ The statistics and numbers of African Americans in journalism hasn’t changed much. The number of Latinos has gone up; I think it’s doubled because it was something like at 1%. It was so low that to go from 1% to 2% is this massive increase."

5. 5 Powerful Messages from Soledad O'Brien

"You just have to do quality work. You have to kind of tune out all the data and the stats you know to be true because you’ll lose your mind. You can’t go into everything saying ‘Oh, well, there’s no one here who looks like me’ or ‘I’m not really represented.’ You have to define what you want to cover, and then go do the best job you possibly can."