Meet Kids of Immigrants, the Latinx-Owned Socially Conscious Clothing Brand Your Fave Celebs Love

Kids of Immigrants is the Cultural Clothing Brand on Your Favorite Celebs: Here is Why.

What do Kehlani and Big Sean have in common? Using fashion to make political statements, among other talents, of course.

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The two stars have been spotted donning gear from Kids of Immigrants, a culturally vested clothing brand stitched with love by two first-generation Americans. Kehlani’s hondureño stylist, Daniel Buezo, founded the trademark in conjunction with Liberian designer Weleh Dennis. Together, they merged their hunger to create chic progressive apparel in a sensitive political climate.

With the Trump administration in power, the millennial designers aspire to extend the dialogue on the immigration experience they witnessed firsthand. “Growing up in Brooklyn with limited funds was tough. My parents were challenged with language barriers after they came from Honduras. Half my family is labeled illegal. Resourcefulness is a way of life for Latinos,” said Buezo.

“We currently live in a predominately Latino neighborhood. So, we want Kids of Immigrants to uplift the people. We know the negative [actions] taking place, but we’d rather focus on our own and empower them to take control of their lives. I believe there is more power in the people than there is with the President,” Dennis added.

Inspired by their story, many celebrities have joined the movement.  

Most recently, Kehlani was spotted on stage with her fist in the air, wearing a loose-fitted embroidered shirt that read, “My President Is The People.” Rapper Big Sean also sported a jacket that read “Bless The Team” for his last Saturday Night Live performance.

But the Kids of Immigrants brand isn't just for celebrities. With unity in mind, the founders take many of their clothes to shelters and dress the homeless throughout Los Angeles and beyond.  

Kids of Immigrants was created to recognize that people are all cut from different fabrics but together make a whole. The duo aims to turn the negative policies coming out of the White House into positives prophecies.

“We aren’t blind to what is going on. Here is how we express ourselves to feel better. We exist to show love,” confirmed Buezo.

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They’re only hoping the world will begin to feel the same.