10 Signs You Need to Move Out of Your Parents' House

7. If you’re a woman and want to spend the night at someone’s house (*cough*), you find yourself coming up with a strategic lie to tell your parents, because even though you’re a grown adult with a stable job and with your head on straight, you could never just tell your mom, “Hey Mami, I’m going to sleep over Jose’s. Don’t stay up.”

8. If you make multiple trips to Bed Bath & Beyond and wistfully stare at multi-colored bath towels and piles of cookware, piecing in your head what your life would be like once you move out.

9. If your mom senses that you're restless to make it out on your own, she cooks you a lavish meal with every single dish you can never part with. That's when you start second guessing yourself about this whole-moving-out-thing, because you know damn well you can’t cook like that.

10. If you even mention that you are ready to move out, your mom gets extremely combative and defensive. And, of course, pulls the ole' Latina guilt trip on you, complete with phrases in Spanish like, "They don't know how much I sacrifice for them... they just don't know... until I die..."