10 Signs You Need to Move Out of Your Parents' House

You know when it’s time… time to move out of your parents’ house. Maybe you've been saving up dough before making the big jump – or you're knee-deep in student loan debt and are keeping it safe living rent-free with your parental units. 

That doesn't mean you're not paying the price for that.

It’s not easy at all to live at home with your parents, especially if you're an adult and you got drunk off sweet freedom while living away in college. Your parents don’t make it easy - and if they're Latino, your life might just be a bit harder. 

If you're still not sure whether you need to finally move out of your parents' house, we've got you. Without further ado, below are some obvious signs that you need to just leave already:

1. When you’re tired of a home-cooked meal. You’re tired of rice and beans… and chicken. You’re tired of tamalespupusasplatanos (with every imaginable side dish). You’re basically tired of the same damn meal every day.

2. If you’re a few years from retirement… really, though. What are you doing?