Short Film to Bring Awareness to Immigrant Women Struggles

The global human rights organization Breakthrough has released a short film titled "The Call," seeking to bring to light the tough choices that many immigrant women find themselves making -- such as reporting abuse or keeping their families safe. 

The film is the centerpiece of #ImHere, a campaign "designed to put the human rights of immigrant women on the national agenda of the United States during this election season," according to the release. The campaign seeks others to show their support for immigrant women and families, and is currently partnering with Los Lonely Boys in October for their #ImHereIVote concert series. 

The film is inspired by stories of real-life undocumented immigrant women who struggle with tough choices, such as seeking medical care when their daughter is violently attacked (while running the risk of deportation and separating their family). 

"As anyone who watches the film can see, cruel immigration policies rip families apart and force immigrant women to hide in the shadows,” said Breakthrough president and CEO Mallika Dutt in a release. “These women share our values of family, community and country. They contribute to our economy by creating jobs and growing new businesses. But we continue to deny their basic human rights. It’s time that we all stand up for these women - our neighbors and friends, our mothers and sisters. Please share this film to say #ImHere for the rights of immigrant women.”

Take a look at the film below and learn more about the campaign at