The 8 Best Self-Affirmations You Need to Go Into 2017 Stronger

After a rough 2016, we can all use a good limpieza of the mind, body and soul for the next year.

Start off 2017 with some light in your life. Ground yourself in positivity and confidence, and nothing can shake you. Ahead, here are some things to remind yourself when life gets tough.

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1. BSA17: Affirmation 1

I can overcome anything that tries to break me.

Remember that you are more powerful and more unstoppable than anything else in this world that tries to tell you otherwise.

2. BSA17: Affirmation 2

I acknowledge my self-worth, and that is powerful.

You will never be able to be anyone else but yourself, and that is more than enough. Stop trying to compare yourself to others.

3. BSA17: Affirmation 3

I will surround myself with positive energy and cut off any negative ties.

A peaceful lifestyle can only be achieved if you remove all negative people, obligations and things from your life. Leave them in 2016.

4. BSA17: Affirmation 4

I will conquer self-doubt, even on my roughest days.

It's normal to feel down about yourself and have bad days. What matters is that we get back up and keep fighting.

5. BSA17: Affirmation 5

I will not shrink myself for anyone.

As women of color, we're constantly being told we're too loud, too big, too ambitious, etc. Focus on expanding yourself and living out loud in 2017.

6. BSA17: Affirmation 6

I will check in with myself when necessary because I deserve to breathe.

In our busy day-to-day routine, we forget how to function as human beings rather than robots. When you get overwhelmed, it's okay to take time to regroup. 

7. BSA17: Affirmation 7

I will love my body through all of its stages because it keeps me alive.

No matter what your body looks like or what illnesses it is fighting, your body is working in conjunction with you. It is your vessel, your first friend and your protector. Be kind to it.

8. BSA17: Affirmation 8

I will lift others as I climb.

Being able to recognize that we cannot grow without each other's help is essential to living successfully. Be good to each other.