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Woman Creates Selena-Themed Party to Raise Money for Mother's Immigration Legal Fees

Get ready to techno cumbia for a good cause.

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Doris Munoz,23, is throwing a Selena Quintanilla-themed party to pay off her undocumented mother’s legal fees. With President Donald Trump's mass deportations, Munoz decided to sponsor her mom’s visa petition. The family quickly amounted an estimated $3,000 in fees to file the petition, as well as pay for the application to register for a permanent residency. Unfortunately, like many undocumented families, Munoz’s mother doesn't have the necessary funds to cover the high cost of obtaining legal status.

“When our parents can barely afford to take a day off of work to go to the lawyer’s office, how are they even going to pay that lawyer?” Munoz told Remezcla.

In hope of alleviating her mother’s burden, Munoz sought help from her musician friends to create Solidarity for Sanctuary, a concert benefit series that aids undocumented families that are at high risk of deportation pay their legal fees necessary for the immigration process. On Friday, the group will be throwing a Selena-themed dance party called “Selena for Sanctuary” to raise money for Munoz's mother. The party will feauture DJs, performances from artists like August Eve as well as an auction and a raffle with prizes. Not only will the proceeds of the concert be used to finish paying off Munoz’s mother’s legal fees, they will also help start her father’s process as well. Munoz hopes to continue the series to help raise money to benefit other families like hers.

“I think in the Donald Trump era, we’re sometimes afraid of who we’re talking to, and having a brown body, you can feel like a target,” Munoz said. “To be in a safe space like this, surrounded by people who believe in fighting for your community with you, is really beautiful.”

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If you’re wondering how you can help, online donations are now being accepted. Because the only thing better than a good party, is a good cause.