Salvadoran Woman Denied Asylum Twice Even After Clearly Facing Great Danger

A woman who fled her native country, El Salvador, in hopes for a better tomorrow was denied refuge and what followed was dreadful.

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The young 22-year-old woman expressed the great danger she was facing back home, stating she was receiving threats from the gang Mara 18. However, with no legal representation and no one to back up her claims but herself, she was denied asylum and sent back to her country. A few months after returning to her native land, the young woman was beaten and raped by the leader of Mara 18. She tried her luck again following the incident, but was once again was denied and deported back to her country. Finally, after her third time, they started the process of getting her papers and being granted sanctuary.

Nancy Oretskin, the director of the southwest Asylum & Migration Institute is pushing for reform on the migration and asylum laws. “We can’t give them legal protection until they’re raped, and even then, we deport many of them after they’ve been raped, and they’re killed. How does that happen in a civilized society?” she said.

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However, the current views and changes being done under the Trump Administration regarding asylum and immigration might not make it any better for the individuals seeking it. In fact, the current White House Chief of Staff, John Kelly is facing a lawsuit after agents under his supervision illegally denied the rights of asylum seekers calming that President Trump signed a new law that denied asylum to anyone seeking it.