El Salvador’s First Female Meteorologist has a Message for her Haters

Facebook/Sandra Yanira Martinez Tobar

Sandra Yanira Martínez Tobar has spent the last 35 years observing and understanding the earth and the effects it has on our daily lives. One would think that her intelligence and expertise would make her a revered figure within her community. However, the meteorologist has recently been under shallow scrutiny from those who feel that she is not “pretty enough” for the job.

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An offensive and degrading meme comparing Sandra to other on-air weather presenters has recently been shared by many, but Yanira Martínez Tobar is not offended by the ignorance. In a viral video shared this past Tuesday with AJ+, Sandra said, “A woman is more than just her body, right? A woman is mind and heart.” Sandra shared the meme on her personal Facebook account and had a pretty clear message for her haters.

"I'm sharing the first meme of me that's been going around social media. I find it funny and can't stop laughing. When I was younger I was good looking too, and when they're 60 years old I hope they'll look just as good as me, and proud of it. FOR YOUR INFORMATION: I have spent 20 years building my career at the United States Department of Commerce. I'm an accredited senior meteorologist, with specialization in aeronautics, hydro-meteorology, and marine weather forecasting. And now I do weather forecasts. BUT THANKS FOR MY FIRST MEME, I LIKE IT A LOT. HAHAHAHAHAHA," as translated by Vivala.

The meme also inspired a twitter movement using the hashtag #YoSoySandraYanira to illustrate how crucial it is for societies to stop sexualizing women. For years women meteorologists have been subject to extreme misogyny, required to wear revealing clothing while simultaneously being scrutinized for looking sexy. This objectification is specifically evident within the Latin community where many of the weather presenters feature curvaceous bodies, a ton of makeup and perfectly styled hair. It's important for women, especially women of color, to resist and defy the sexualized stigmas that affect our daily lives.

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The 60-year-old Latina is proof that you don't have to have been built like a Barbie or comply with societal standards of "beauty" to be a successful women.  So to Sandra Yanira, we think you are absolutely fabulous and we thank you for raising awareness to the hypersexualization in our community!