'Y El Novio?' The 7 Best Responses to Your Family's Favorite Question

The greatest (and most dreaded) time of year is upon us.

A lot of the amazing things that come with the holiday season, family bonding, downtime from work and great food, also come with the bad, like everybody asking you about your non-existent bae. The same thing happens every year, so if you're single, you can be left feeling stressed. 

But no fear! Check out these perfect ways to reason with your most stubborn abuela on why you haven't settled down with one person yet. 

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"I don't trust f**kbois."

From the inception of puberty up until the time they're about 28, the f**kboi syndrome is all too real. Men who don't want to take relationships seriously are, well, everywhere. Why should you be wasting your time on someone who isn't really about you?

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"*Ignores Question*"

Can we eat now? Are the pastelitos ready? Coquito anyone?

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"I'm still trying to get to know who I am before I get into a relationship with someone else."

In many Latinx families, the pressure to find a spouse from early on is sooooo real. Remind your family that your time will come, but for right now, you're doing you. 

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"I'm actually dating this really nice girl..."

While the holiday season might not be the best time to come out to the extended family, it's important to know that you don't have to have a partner who identifies as a man. Maybe correct your tía by saying, "did you mean mi novia?"

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"I'm too busy at the gym to focus on dating."

In the words of Dayanara Diaz herself, who needs diamonds when you got spinach? Let 'em know you're focusing on getting yourself healthy before you form a healthy relationship.

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"I'm waiting for someone who lives up to my standards" 

In an age of DM-sliding and dating app-swiping, it's easy to believe that romance as we know it has wiltered. When you've grown up watching Marimar and Amar Sin Límites, nothing is ever going to live up to your idea of what love should look like.

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"I don't know. You have anyone for me?"

You never know, your primas always come home with the cutest people. Maybe they have friends they can hook you up with...