Latina Real Estate Agent Offers Free Tacos With Purchase Of A Home

What's better than signing on the dotted line to buy a home, receiving tacos for purchasing it. A real estate agent from Houston is offering soon-to-be homeowners free tacos.  

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You heard right! Realtor Nicole Lopez, who refers to herself as the "taco lady" wants to give one lucky homebuyer $250 worth of tacos. Shut the Front Door shared the photo of Lopez's '$250 in free tacos with the purchase of this home' sign and of course it instantly went viral. 

"I'm looking for a great realtor and I think I found one," the Facebook account wrote. Since the photo was shared, Lopez, who started advertising free tacos four months ago, revealed the 1,700 square foot home is "under contract and they are super excited for their taco party at the end of this month."

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Of course, the taco party comes with a catch. According to the Houston realtor, it's illegal to offer over $50 for referral or gifts in Texas, but she has figured out a way around it. “So what we’ve done is we’ve actually partnered with our sellers and they’ve agreed to offer a $250 credit. So they can take it in terms of closing costs, or if they really want the tacos, we can make sure they have tacos at closing as well,” Lopez told

The big question is: WHERE DO WE SIGN??!!!