What Rape Culture Looks Like in the Latino Community

What Rape Culture Looks Like in the Latino Community

6. Latina teen Cherice Moralez committing suicide after a judge sentenced the 50-year-old man who raped her to just 30 days in jail because the girl, who was curvy, looked “older than her chronological age.”

7. Children, like a 10-year-old girl from Paraguay, being forced to carry pregnancies resulted from rape to term.

8. Street harassment making women feel less safe then men while walking around at night, and Latinas experiencing this cat-calling, touching and stalking earlier than all other racial and ethnic groups in the country.

9. Latina teens dropping out of school to avoid being sexually harassed instead of schools fighting to end the violence.

10. Seventy-seven percent of Latinas saying that sexual harassment is a major problem in the workplace.

11. Religious Latino parents telling their daughters not to make men sin by showing too much skin or wearing form-fitting clothes.

12. Latinas being taught to prevent rape and sexual assault instead of men being told not to rape.

13. Victim-blaming by saying women who dress provocatively, flirt or dare to drink at night are asking to be raped.

14. Latinas being raised to believe that sex is a marital obligation, and married Latinas being the least likely to define marital rape as rape.

15. Central American girls and women crossing the Mexico-U.S. border taking birth control because 80 percent of them will be raped.

16. Rape jokes about women and imprisoned men, and those who laugh and support them.

17. Latina hashtag results including mostly half-naked (or fully nude) Latinas.

18. Leading search engine results for “Latinas and rape” including porn site links like “Latina teen pussy rape porn,” “hot forced Latinos sex,” “Latina rape videos” and more on the first page.

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The list, unfortunately, can go on and on. But now that you have a better understanding of rape culture, you have a better chance of spotting and challenging it when you see it.