Documentary ‘Raising Zoey’ Explores the Struggles Trans Latina Youth Experience

Raising Zoey” is a documentary coming to a film festival near you. But unlike other flicks on the lineup, this one explores the struggles and experiences of a demographic that rarely gets media attention: trans Latina youth.

The documentary offers a glimpse of the life of Zoey Luna, a 13-year-old Latina from California. In the film, viewers learn about Luna's personal struggles with gender identity as a child and see what a loving and supporting family looks like. That compassion is what helps Luna to transition and become confident in herself, despite living in a society that tries to break her down, whether officials attempting to remove her from school or mean peers.

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The film, directed by Dante Alencastre, who also brought us “Transvisible: The Bamby Salcedo Story,” a documentary about the trans Latina activist behind the TransLatin@ Coalition, also shows Luna as an everyday teen, with friends, schoolwork and a passion to create change in her community. “Zoey isn’t special because she’s transgender,” her mother says. “Zoey’s special because she’s my daughter.”

Watch the trailer for “Raising Zoey” above.

(h/t Remezcla)