12 Quinceañera Memes That Are Too Accurate

For Latinas, nothing will ever top the most ~incredible~ night of their young lives: their quinceañera. The dress was probably too fluffy, the booze was running a little too freely, and your tia probably danced a little too provocatively. Take a walk down memory lane with these 12 quinceañera memes that are way too real: 

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1. Quinceanera Memes

Dance practice: anytime, anyplace. 

2. Quinceanera Memes

Rihanna's GRAMMYs dress from 2015 gave so many Latinas #quincegoals.

3. Quinceanera Memes

It's probably because he's already been in, like, three other quinceañeras. 

4. Quinceanera Memes

Of course you need that arrangement of bright pink and neon orange flowers. 

5. Quinceanera Memes

Just leave the party. Honestly. 

6. Quinceanera Memes

Fashion inspiration comes in unexpected places. 

7. Quinceanera Memes

Queen Rihanna ready for the most ~magical~ night of her life. We wonder: was Drake her Chambelan?

8. Quinceanera Memes

....when you're only at the quince for the free comida and booze. 

9. Quinceanera Memes

Let's be real, you have to throw a better party than your prima

10. Quinceanera Memes

Before and after hitting the Dominican salon. 

11. Quince Memes: Video 1

Quince practice isn't for quitters. 

12. Quince Memes: Video 2

Thanks but no thanks, mama