6 Puerto Rico vs. Dominican Republic Memes That’ll Have You ROTFL

The Latino Caribbean is back at it.

There is enough adobo to go around, but for some reason Puerto Ricans and Dominicans have had this rivalry of making fun of each other for ages. Especially when it comes to sports or worldwide events, the savages definitely come out to play.  

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Whether you’re team “Platano con Salami” or “Arroz con Gandules,” these memes will bring out the petty in all of us.

1. Coqui vs Platano

El coquí salvaje vs. El platano malo

2. Low-key crazy VS New phone, who dis?

Low-key crazy vs. "New phone. Who dis?"

3. Cup of Noodles vs Sancocho

Vanessa from the Heights vs. Maria la del barrio

4. Ricky el pretty boy VS klk ehh Theodoro el hookah king

Ricky el Pretty Boy vs. Klk ehh Theodoro el Hookah King

5. Marc Anthony el cantante VS Arod el tigre

Marc Anthony el Cantante vs. A-Rod el Tigre 

6. Hot Cheetos VS An iced cold cerveza! #TeamCerveza

Hot Cheetos vs. iced cold cervezas