WATCH: Protestors Demand NBC "Dump Trump" at Rally Near 'SNL' Studio

Demonstrators gathered outside of NBC Studios for a "Dump Trump" rally on Wednesday urging Saturday Night Live to disinvite the controversial Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump from hosting the show this weekend.

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Amid the crowd of protestors holding "stop the hate" and "dump Trump" signs stood Juan Escalante, a staffer with America's Voice, an immigration reform organization, who delivered a petition to NBC demanding that they revoke Trump's invitation.

"I was able to go inside, deliver the signatures to a gentleman named Adam – no title, no explanation as to the network, no promise or comment as to whether or not the petition is going to be reviewed or delivered to the appropriate people, and, bottom line, I was just met with indifference," Escalante told Latina.

More than 520 thousand people signed the petition, agreeing with Escalante that "it’s quite shameful that NBC and SNL are trying to pass off Donald Trump's comments on immigrants and Latinos as comedy."

Activist Karina Garcia, a volunteer at ANSWER Coalition, one of three organizations sponsoring another rally outside of NBC Studios on Saturday, Nov. 7, the day Trump is scheduled to host, views the "Dump Trump" protests as a movement greater than SNL and NBC.

"Our protest is so much bigger than Trump. Our movement is so much more important than Trump," Garcia, 30, said. "This is an opportunity for us to ... overthrow this system of racist, white supremacy in this country. It's not like a headache, that if you ignore it, it's going to go away. It's more like a tumor, that if you ignore it, it's going to turn into cancer."

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If you’re in the New York City Metro Area and, like Garcia, don’t want to “ignore it,” join her and immigrants’ rights activist Angy Rivera at the Saturday protest at 6 p.m. near 30 Rockefeller Center.