Poll Reveals Latinos Have Mixed Reviews About Obama's Reelection

With Election Day only nine months away, politicians are focused on reaching Latinos, which represent the fastest growing group of voters. According to a new poll by Latino Decisions for Univision News and ABC News, Latinos have mixed reviews on President Barack Obama’s reelection.

Latinos may be known for favoring Democrats at the polls, but they also have the power to sway the vote for upcoming conservative candidates in states like Nevada and Florida, which is set to cast their vote at the end of this month.

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According to Univision News, about one in ten Republican voters in the Sunshine State are Latinos. Republican candidate Mitt Romney, who confessed to not being a supporter of the Dream Act, currently has a 49 percent lead over competitor Newt Gingrich with a 23 percent support rate.

Romney may be ahead on the polls in Florida for now, but Latinos have the power of the swing vote. That strength in number was seen in the 2008 primary election when Romney lost to John McCain after he received an approval rate of 54 percent among Latinos, compared to Romney’s slim 14 percent.

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Another revealing part of the poll was that 53 percent of Latinos claim that they are “less excited” about Obama than they were in the beginning of his campaign. While 31 percent disapprove on the President’s work in the White House, 61 percent say that they think he is doing a good job.

Despite some doubters, for the most part Latino voters nationwide are remaining supportive of Obama.

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