Plan B Is the Safest Drug Out. Why Shouldn't It Be Over-the-Counter?

We're talking half of all pregnancies in the U.S. are unintended and 52% of Latina teens will get pregnant at least once before their 20th birthday. Making emergency contraceptive more easily accessible is key to preventing this phenomenon. 

Whether or not I believe girls as young as 13 should be having sex, doesn't matter. The reality is we're not being educated about the topic early enough and far too often parents think ignorance is bliss. But it's not. Sex is serious business and finding yourself pregnant too soon is scary.

If there was a pill like Plan B, which one doctor calls "safer than Tylenol," hanging on the shelves at Rite-Aid back in the day, I'd take it. Never would I imagine the day would come when I was 34, married, and thrilled beyond belief to be pregnant.