10 Photos Celebrating '90s Chicana Culture & Friendship

It's Throwback Thursday, and Veteranas and Rucas, an Instagram account and digital archive documenting SoCal Chicana youth culture, has compiled some photos that will put your nostalgia at 100.

Headed by New York-based, Los Angeles-raised Guadalupe Rosales, Veteranas and Rucas started as a way for Rosales to reconnect with a past she missed, but it has grown into something more political.

“Most of us have been criminalized and misrepresented in the past. For that, it is difficult to be proud of our upbringings, our histories and our daily life experiences,” Rosales told Latina. “Veteranas and Rucas creates an opportunity to reframe and represent ourselves the way we want to be represented, and it creates a voice many of us can relate to.”

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The account, which has more than 57 thousand followers, is supported predominately by users, who submit photos of themselves and their crews from the ‘90s or earlier. Skim through these badass fotos ahead, and follow Veteranas and Rucas on Instagram to share your own #TBTs and, more importantly, to get inspired by a Latina history we’ve been taught to be ashamed of.

1. Chola Friendships

Fontana, Calif.'s too-dope-to-smile pack of 1998.

2. Chola Friendships

Raise your hand if you rocked high-rise baggy pants like this West LA girl squad in 1993.

3. Chola Friendships

Eff what ya heard! This 1998 clique has the lip liner game on lock.

4. Chola Friendships

The "party crew" you wish you were a part of in 1994.

5. Chola Friendships

This 1992 girl squad had a name: Garfield Bulldogs.

6. Chola Friendships

1993: When best friends took photos in front of magazine-decorated bedroom walls.

7. Chola Friendships

Yas! Nancy, Kim, Brandy and Michelle are killin' this 1994 glamour shot, with legs, big-hooped earrings, dark red lips and attitude for days.

8. Chola Friendships

These Downtown LA chola amigas give fashion and beauty inspo in 1996 and 2016.

9. Chola Friendships

More hair antennas, less smiles.

10. Chola Friendships

This 1996 San Diego duo is straight-up heart-eyes emoji.