This Tribute to Afro-Latina Artists Gives Major Black Girl Magic Vibes

When Linda Nieves-Powell set out to create this photo project, the most important thing for her was to highlight the importance of reclaiming identity.

"My hope for the site and for the initiative is that general audiences learn about these wonderful trainblazing Latinas as well as recognize the diverse beauty of our community," she said. "Most importantly, for me, this is about identity, and how I can help those in my community, who do not feel they meet the standard of beauty in this country, to create their own identity and standard of beauty."

Through her project, she tributes 7 Afro-Latina artists who she has admired throughout her life. Nieves-Powell told us that two iconic Afro-Latinas stood out in particular: Celia Cruz and La Lupe

"They are two of the most recognized Afro-Latinas in the entertainment industry," she said. "Aside from their style, these trailblazers gained popularity in a time when men dominated the music scene. These two Latinas made their voices heard."

From the unapologetic blackness of Amara "La Negra" to the boldness of Esperanza Spalding, she hired Afro-Latina models to capture each figure's personality and classic look. Check them out down below.

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1. Celia Cruz



2. Lisa "Left Eye" Lopez

3. Esperanza Spalding

4. Amara "La Negra"

5. Irene Cara

6. La India

7. La Lupe