Perez Hilton on the First Argentine Pope: "The Catholic Church Wants To Engage Latinos" (EXCLUSIVE)

The selection last week of Argentine Cardinal Jorge Bergoglio as the new Pope (the first-ever Pope from Latin America!), took some Latinos by a good way

But one Latino who isn't surprised by the selection of Bergoglio as the new Pope is Perez Hilton. In an email to this morning, the Cuban-American blogger (and Queen of all Media) said the former Archbishop from Buenos Aires is a logical choice to take over for Pope Benedict XVI. 

"It makes sense that the Catholic Church would want to engage the Latino community with this appointment," Perez wrote to exclusively. "The same way republicans in America are trying to!" he added. 

Asked if he thinks the strategy will be a successful one, Perez replied: "I think it will be effective enough. But Latinos have their own fusion or Catholicism and local beliefs that I'm sure displeases church officials in Rome," he wrote. 

Mostly, what the openly-gay Latino blogger wants is for Pope Francis to be more inclusive and less judgemental. "I just hope this Pope preaches love and acceptance more than the last one!" he added.