Skip These on Halloween: The 11 Most Offensive Costumes

Out of all of the creative costumes to pick from on Halloween, it'll never cease to confuse us why people decide to offensively take on the "identity" of other cultures for the holiday.

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Halloween is supposed to be a fun time, but someone's night can quickly take a turn for the worst when they see one of these costumes walking down the street. The racism, sexism and ableism that is perpetuated by these characters is totally inexcusable, no matter what the intention is behind it.

Take a look at some of these ridiculous costumes to learn what you shouldn't be investing in this holiday and why. 

1. The Wall

Party City

"Adult Wall Costume"

Why It's Messed Up: Just when you think things can't get any worse, a costume, which features a brick wall with the words "the wall" printed across the front, is out for sale. The costume is in reference to President Donald Trump's controversial border wall, which is currently in the prototype stage. During his presidential campaign, the former businessman insisted on building a wall, to which he added Mexico was going to pay. Now, Trump wants the Democrats to fund the wall in return for legislation that would save roughly 800,000 DREAMers from deportation. This costume is so offensive, especially when you take into account that the real thing is threatening the lives of thousands of people.

2. Border Control

"Border Control Squad"

Why It's Messed Up: With the immigrant laws directly impacting many Latinos, the costume above is a complete insult. In early September President Donald Trump ended the DACA DREAMers agreement, leaving much young Latinx unsure of what their fate holds in the country they once called home. The Halloween costume brand even describes the clothing with,"Straddle the border between being legally lovely and criminally hot in this Border Babe adult women's costume," for the dress, and for the male "Keep the border safe today, tomorrow and on Halloween! Let everyone know that you mean business with this border patrol work shirt! Button up the shirt and be on your way, Agent Wall." Ay Dios, this can't be real can it? 

3. Wild Native American

"Wild Native American"

Why It's Messed Up: The cultural appropriation of Native Americans is probably one of the most basic mistakes you can make. Outfits like this create the idea that Native Americans are a monolith, though this is far from true. There are actually 562 Native tribes, each one with its own culture. It also sexualizes and objectifies Native American women, further perpetuating a damaging stereotype that informs the statistic that one in every three Native women is sexually assaulted at some point in her life. 

4. Senorita Death

"Señorita Death"

Why It's Messed Up: Calavera (sugar skull) makeup and other costumes attributed to Día de los Muertos have become super popular within recent years, but that doesn't make it any less offensive. Day of the Dead is a religious and spiritual holiday, a somber celebration of loved ones who have passed away. "People need to understand that when they are wearing that calavera, that it's not just a mask or something to decorate their face with," said Yreina Cervantez, a Chicano/a studies professor at California State University, Northridge. "What they are wearing is the symbolism of that eternal cycle of life, death and rebirth."

5. Arab Costume

"Arab Costume"

Why It's Messed Up: Let's be real — most people who want to buy this "Arab costume" are actually probably going to call it a "terrorist costume," seeing as Islamophobia runs rampant in U.S. culture. Furthermore, calling this costume "Arab" erases the differences within this pan-ethnic cultural group, which consists of over 22 countries in Asia and Africa. It's pretty safe to say that not every "Arab" looks like this.

6. Donald T. Rumpshaker

"Donald T. Rumpshaker"

Why It's Messed Up: Ay Dios, where do we start on this one? Making a joke out of Donald Trump and his antics is exactly how we got him as a serious presidential nominee in the first place. He is a literal representation of everything that is wrong with our country. Dressing up as a xenophobe for halloween? Not a good look. Not to mention, this costume's name somehow manages to be as sexist as it is ridiculous. 

7. Maui

"Maui" (from Disney's Moana)

Why It's Messed Up: This costume gives a child the eerie "ability" to put on Polynesian brown skin, tattooed with what are supposed to be tribal markings. This costume has been under fire for being one of the most blatantly offensive looks this year. 

8. Frank the Flasher

"Frank the Flasher"

Why It's Messed Up: Let's all say it together now: Sexual assault is not a joke, nor is it a costume. Men aggressively attack women every day with non-consentual actions like these, and it is an abuse of power and privilege. 

9. Geisha


Why It's Messed Up: Geishas are cultural Japanese entertainers that are often confused with being prostitutes (that's another story for another time). The main issue with dressing up as a Geisha is simple: you're taking on the "face" of a culture that is not yours. Similar to the issue of blackface, yellow face is also offensive.

10. Tequila Dude

"Tequila Dude"

Why it's Messed Up: This costume is very representative of the staple white dude on Cinco de Mayo who wants to "celebrate" Mexican culture by drinking his liver away. He has no regard for the fact that this only further perpetuates the stereotype that Latinos are all a) Mexican and b) lazy, dangerous alcoholics. Lesson of the Day: Don't be that drunk white dude. Punto y Final

11. Gunpoint Kim