Obama Says Immigration Reform Will Miss August Deadline

House Republicans have been debating the "Gang of Eight" immigration reform bill since it was passed by the Senate on June 27.

President Obama previously announced that there should be no reason why Congress could not pass the overhaul before the summer's end, but according to Fox News Latino, the President declared on Tuesday that the bill's final passage would not be completed by his August deadline.

Obama stated that he is hoping the bill will make its way through by this fall, but that even that goal may be a little too optimistic.

Fox News Latino reports that the President says that the lack of consensus among Republicans in the House has caused him to stretch the immigration bill's summer deadline.

"That was originally my hope and my goal," Obama said. "But the House Republicans I think still have to process this issue and discuss it further, and hopefully, I think, still hear from constituents, from businesses to labor, to evangelical Christians who all are supporting immigration reform."