NYPD Sergeant Under Investigation After Calling Dominicans "Stupid", "Crazy"

NYPD Sergeant Under Investigation Racism Dominicans

New York City police sergeant Tameika Goode, an 11-year veteran of NYC's police force, has been made the subject of an official probe amid allegations that she disparaged officers of Dominican descent, calling them "stupid and crazy."

The Office of Equal Employment Opportunity will be investigating comments made by Goode during a Sunday morning roll call at the 40th Precinct, according to the New York Daily News. Her tirade against Dominican officers occurred after Sgt. Goode, 33, got into a minor car accident with a man she assumed to be Dominican. 

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"She said Dominicans are stupid and crazy," a Dominican police officer present at the roll call told the Daily News. "Then she started asking the Hispanic cops where they're from."

"Whoever said they were Dominican, she would say, 'Well, I can tell.' Then one officer said, 'I was born and raised in the D.R.,'" the source added. "And she turned around and said, 'What are you doing here? Why don't you go back?'"

Another officer — who is not Dominican — said Goode's rant took the entire precinct by surprise. "We couldn't believe this just happened," he told the Daily News. "As the guys were walking out, some had their heads down."

According to the paper, between 15 and 20 cops heard the tirade, and about eight identify as Dominican or part-Dominican. 

The Office of Equal Employment Opportunity opened an investigation into the sergeant after Anthony Miranda, a retired lieutenant and head of the National Latino Officers Association, complained to Bronx commanders after he heard about the incident. Miranda called Good's comments "disgusting." 

Although Miranda lamented that Goode has not yet been suspended, a source told the Daily News that she had been taken off morning roll call. 

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