Nuyoricans in Florida Could Decide the Election—If They Hit The Polls

Today, on election day, we want our readers, our chicas, to be as well informed about the candidates as possible when they head to the polls. To that end, will be bringing you the BEST Latino elections coverage from around the web all day long! The story below was recently published on the Univision News/ABC site.  

By Cristina Costantini, Univision News 

KISSIMMEE, FLA. -- Governor Mitt Romney must win Florida. If he doesn't, he'll have to sweep every other battleground state to make up for it. His campaign seems pretty confident and the most recent polls put him a few points ahead.

But at least one man thinks President Barack Obama will win the state's 29 electoral votes. The quintessential swing voter, in the quintessential swing county of the quintessential swing state, 66-year-old William Morales embodies one of Florida's fastest-growing voting blocks: The Nuyorican in Central Florida.

Wheeling a shopping cart full of green coconuts back to his car from Bravo Supermarket in Kissimmee, Florida, Morales seems confident that Latinos, and particularly, mainland-born Puerto Ricans like himself, will tip the Florida scale in favor of his pick for the White House, President Obama.

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