YouTube Star Faces Criticism After Posting Disturbing "Dear Fat People" Video



Dear Fat People

What we've all wanted to say to FAT PEOPLE

Posted by Nicole Arbour on Thursday, September 3, 2015


YouTube star Nicole Arbour has come under fire after posting a disturbing video entitled "Dear Fat People." In the controversial six-minute clip, Arbour pokes fun at obese people, compares overweight individuals to zombies and boldly claims that "fat shaming" is not a thing.

"Fat people made that up," she says. "That's the race card — with no race."  

In the video, which has amassed over 20 million views, Arbour rants and raves about fat shaming, body positivity, and hashtags that support what she perceives to be unhealthy life choices. "You really think if enough of you hashtag something bad for you, it makes it okay?" she asks. "Everyone use the hashtag — it'll unplug our arteries." 

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Perhaps worst of all, Arbour claims that she's simply spreading the message out of love for all her obese fans and friends out there. "I'm not saying to be an asshole," she explains. "I'm saying this because your friends should be saying it to you." 

Sadly, Arbour drastically misidentified what overweight individuals need to hear. 

Whitney Way Thore, star of TLC's My Big Fat Fabulous Life and creator of the No Body Shame campaign, openly criticized the video in a Facebook video. 

"It is the really nasty spawn of a larger parent problem called body-shaming, which I'm fairly certain everyone on the planet, especially women, has experienced," she says in the video response. 

Thorne suffers from polycystic ovary syndrome, and she took particular issue with Arbour's dismissal of the health issues that can lead to obesity. "You cannot tell a person's health, physical or otherwise, from looking at them," she says. 

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She adds that videos like Arbour's will never be effective because fat shaming just doesn't work. "Furthermore, studies show that fat shaming actually has the opposite effect of what's intended; it causes people to gain more weight," she responds. "This is so common sense. I can't believe we needed a study to tell us that." 

What does the world need? More positivity, more love, more understanding, less judgement. Watch Whitney's response below, and Nicole's video above: 


WHAT I WANT TO SAY TO FAT PEOPLE ---> #DearFatPeople This is my response to Nicole Arbour's video (& all body shamers!) S2 of #MyBigFatFabLife premiers Wed. 9/9 at 9 on TLC! #NoBodyShame

Posted by Whitney Way Thore on Saturday, September 5, 2015