Nearly a Quarter of Latinos in the U.S. Live Below Poverty Line

According to new census numbers, almost 22% of all Latinos in the United States live below the poverty line. The disheartening numbers demonstrated that the rate of poverty among Latinos is almost 10% higher than the rest of the population.

This means that out of the estimated 45 million Latinos in the country, almost 10 million are living in hand-to-mouth. However, Native Americans beat out Latino for the dubious distinction of poorest minority group, with a whopping 25 percent of indigenous people living at or below the poverty line. Whites had the lowest population living in abject poverty, but a full 10% were still destitute.

This new information was published Tuesday by the American Community Survey, an annual study that provided a five-year socioeconomic analysis this year for the first time.
Census Bureau director Robert Groves said the new estimates mean it will “no longer be necessary to wait for the Census every 10 years.”