MTV's 'Transformation' is Empowering Transgender Youth in the Most Incredible Way

One of the most difficult things for transgender people is not feeling safe in their own bodies. MTV is hoping to shed light on this issue in a beautiful way.

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In MTV's new documentary "Transformation," Latinx gender non-conforming hairstylist Madin Lopez is changing the lives of trans youth in Los Angeles. In collaboration with their organization ProjectQ, they provide hairstyling and mentoring to help these young people combat bullying, develop life skills and embrace their inner beauty and identity. Highlighting the real stories of six trans and gender non-conforming youth, they receive makeovers and mentorship from Lopez as well as trans make-up artist Cetine Dale and expert fashion stylist Lindsay Albanese.

"There's a lot of youth who are transgender who want to feel better in their body," Lopez said. "A full makeover is the best way to do that."

As we see each teen transform into their most authentic selves before our very eyes, we also hear their life stories. Listening to stories of traditionally oppressed people is the first step to achieving acceptance and support. As Latinxs, we hold a multitude of identities, as seen in this documentary. There are Latinx people who identify as transgender or gender non-conforming who need our support, too. Allyship works both ways — if we want people to hear us as Latinx people, we need to help lift LGBTQ+ stories as well. 

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You can catch the documentary during Transgender Awareness Week on Thursday, November 17. For now, watch the trailer above.