Mother-of-Five Shot to Her Death From a Bullet that Ricocheted off Her Baby’s Crib

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Twenty-Two-Year-old, Victoria DeLeon, was killed inside of her Fort Worth, Texas home after a bullet ricocheted off her one-year-old baby's crib and struck her. The mother of five rushed to protect her youngest child as the gunshots went off at around 3 am on Saturday. 

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“She got hit by two bullets,” the mother Josie DeLeon told the Star-Telegram. “One went through the air conditioning unit and hit her in the chest, and the other ricocheted off the baby's crib and hit her in the side.”

DeLeon was rushed to a hospital shortly after, where she was pronounced dead just after 3:15 am. She died from gunshot wounds to her chest and abdomen, the Tarrant County Medical Examiner said.  Although their home had also been shot at a few weeks before her death, family members and neighbors didn’t think Victoria or her family were being targeted.

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“I don’t think this was intended for her,” said the mother. “I think there had been some stuff going on in the neighborhood and that she was the one who got hit.”Police said they do not know why the shooting occurred at the house and currently do not have any suspects in custody. 

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“She did whatever she could for her babies,” the grandmother-of-five said. “She loved a lot of people, and a lot of people loved her. She didn’t deserve this.” 

Friends and family held a candlelight vigil for DeLeon on Sunday night at Holy Name Catholic Church.