Nearly 60% of Venezuelans Want Out of The Country

Nearly 60% of Venezuelans Want Out of The Country
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It's heartbreaking when the political and economic state of your country is so severe that it prompts you to leave that beloved land, culture and people.

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A survey by Datincorp, a Caracas-based company, found that 57 percent of Venezuelans want to leave the country, which is up from 49 percent when they first took count in May 2015. Datincorp called this "the gravest problem that Venezuela is facing — worse than [food] shortages, the high cost of living and crime."

"People don't want to leave for political reasons," said Datincorp President Jesús Seguías. "It's because quality of life has tanked."

Many of the people who are leaving are the most educated professionals, which Seguías says can have historic consequences. Studies also say that women are more prone to leaving than men, and the majority of them (69 percent) are young folks. As many as 1.6 million people have left the country since 1999; however, there's been a spike since the national protests started in 2014. 

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Seguías said it was impossible to tell which of the multiple factors has led Venezuelans to leave, infering that "it's the desperation of seeing a country that just keeps getting worse.

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